Educational therapy is a highly sensitive and sophisticated way to teach someone whose needs are complex. It is a direct, explicit, sequential and multi-sensory approach to instruction. Educational therapy takes into account the social and emotional consequences of learning differences and executive function deficits that often accompany ADHD, Aspergers and NLD.  Learning never stops in our society, and adults need help as much as kids do!

Here at the Center of Attention and Learning we specialize in executive function support.  People use executive functions to prioritize, integrate and regulate other cognitive functions and provide the mechanism for self-regulation.  We depend upon them to do work. When people fail to produce results, despite adequate motivation and intelligence and the best of intentions, we call this output failure.

When a typical learning or working environment doesn't support a person's atypical needs, the result is not limited to output failure. People who struggle to meet expectations may experience frustration, shame, defeat, fear and humiliation. They bring their emotions and memories with them to subsequent engagements with learning or producing, and this further complicates the matter. Often, difficulties in processing information may muddle social situations, adding another layer of complexity. If executive functions are compromised, an element of mystery is involved because the cause of output failure can be obscured, elusive and even intermittent. 

There is an “organic curriculum” that unfolds in weekly sessions for executive function support.  People bring assignments, projects and concerns from work, school or home. The client’s needs guide instruction as we work together to develop agency in problem solving. Remediation of academic skills may be addressed through a personalized learning plan or embedded in the curriculum, depending upon severity of the problem. We measure progress through informal assessment and use formal assessment instruments when needed.

Case management services can be beneficial to develop a coordinated approach among members of a client’s support team.  Special training for team members, site visits to workplace or classroom, and/or attendance at school meetings may provide information that is very helpful to our work.   Depending on the individual’s needs, all of these services can be arranged.

We help people get things done.

What is Educational Therapy?

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