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How much time do I need to complete my reading?

College  Coaching

College can be a wonderful opportunity to discover what you’re made of.   With the right support, young adults who have struggled with executive function deficits in high school can succeed in making the transition to independence that college demands.  Withdrawing the “invisible” support that was available from parents during high school can be a shock to the executive system.  It’s hard to accept that kind of help from your parents when it is so important to see yourself as an adult.  Shifting responsibility to the student is a delicate process, and should be carefully scaffolded.  When working with a coach, students can retain a sense of their own agency while building a foundation of success. 

The kinds of help we provide arise naturally from the challenges that students encounter.  Sometimes we help them with things they don’t even know that they don’t know!  Together, we develop a metacognitive perspective so they can better use their strengths to protect themselves from getting tripped up by their weaknesses.  Coaching conversations are an opportunity to rehearse plans, anticipate obstacles, and encourage flexible thinking about alternatives.  It can be taxing to feel confused when it looks like everyone else knows just what they’re doing.  The relationship with the coach is a safe place to let those perceived inadequacies show - and get help with the problem.

The student and the coach plan the frequency of their contact.  A typical weekly menu might include a half-hour check-in phone or Skype call, a few text reminders, and an email to the student which can be shared with the parents.  For local students, an office visit is a chance to work face-to-face with hands-on assignments and plans. Students can enroll for a semester or set up a month-by-month schedule.


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“Now I know how I think!”

                -Mike, college student

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